3rd Happy Birthday Ronan! :)
4th Gem 106 Breakfast show interview, 7.45am
14th The One Show, BBC One (UK), 7pm
21st 'When Ronan Met Burt' out today in the UK!
22nd 'When Ronan Met Burt' release date in Germany
BBC Breakfast, BBC One (UK), 6am
23rd This Morning, ITV1 (UK), 10:30am
24th QVC (UK), 9am (Repeat at 4pm)
Celebrity Juice, ITV2 (UK), 10pm
25th The Late Late Show, RTE One (Ireland), 9:30pm
26th This Morning, ITV1 (UK), 10:30am
27th Something For The Weekend, BBC Two (UK), 10am
29th FM104 Dublin - Strawberry Alarm Clock interview
Alan Titchmarsh, ITV1 (UK), 3pm
30th National Lottery, BBC One (UK), 10:40pm
31st Loose Women, ITV1 (UK), 12:30pm

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