Filmed April-May 2011 in Australia
Director Mark Lamprell
Producer Richard Keddie
Release date Australia: 14.03.2013
Hong Kong: 30.05.2013
Russia: 18.07.2013
Taiwan: 09.08.2013
UK: 04.07.2014
Other countries: TBC
DVD release

Australia: 17.07.2013
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UK: 25.08.13
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Goddess tells the story of Elspeth Dickens (Laura Michelle Kelly), stay-at-home mother of young twins, whose husband James (Ronan) is a marine biologist and spends a lot of time at sea. Elspeth used to be a singer before having children and misses performing in front of an audience, which makes her unhappy and leads to arguments between her and her husband. As James leaves for another one of his work trips, he gives her a webcam so that they can stay in contact whilst he's away. But then he can't get online, and so Elspeth sets the webcam up in her kitchen and sings - in the hope of someone out there discovering her channel and watching. And she is indeed discovered by media mogul Cassandra, who invites her to Sydney and turns her into a star.

While Elspeth is in Sydney working on her career, James returns home to Tasmania, unaware of his wife's raise to fame, and finds the children looked after by a nanny. He takes on the role of the house husband, but this sudden role swap puts an even bigger strain on their relationship. On top of that, the kitchen webcam is still running so that Elspeth can watch her family but James is unaware of it - and Elspeth isn't aware that everyone else can still watch it too!

GoddessWhen Elspeth is asked to sign a contract that would take her on an extensive tour through the US, she realises that she belongs at home with her family and doesn't want to be away from her children for months. She turns the offer down and leaves for home - where not only her family awaits her, but also a newly found audience for performances in her barn.

You can watch a teaser on Youtube - this clip was shown during Ronan's concerts in Australia in early 2012. The official trailer is on Youtube too.


Promo footage:

Henry Barnes interviews Ronan in Cannes, May 2012
Red Carpet interview at the movie premiere in Sydney, 06.03.2013

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