Ronan recorded this track for the Postman Pat movie because he was chosen to lend his singing voice to Pat in the film.

You can buy the CD on Amazon UK or Amazon Germany, or the digital version on iTunes.

Fan Comments

"With You is Ronan being the dashing hero of every woman's dreams. A beautiful, melodic, soul-searching and inspiring song, which inspires us to all let our heart rule our head.

With You is a song with a deep seated moral within its richly woven lyrics, engaging and sweet words, such as "I am dreaming of home as I am living the dream", a gentle nod towards the underlying message of the film; that success and money are a cold and empty place without happiness and being surrounded by the ones you love.

As the film is aimed at children, these carefully chosen lyrics do a lot to discourage the celebrity driven culture many younger people aspire to.

It is a song which only an incurable romantic like Ronan can deliver with conviction. In the hands of a lesser experienced performer, the lyrics could appear insincere and lacking in depth.

Ronan expresses with conviction the sentiments in the song, and it is worth buying the CD or DVD of Postman Pat to indulge yourself in a song which is unashamedly Ronanesque, and beautifully romantic.

Let's face it, we all welcome some romance in our lives, especially if our vocal suitor is the dashing Mr Keating; Swoon."

- By Christine G

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