Ronan recorded this Elton John song, originally from the 'Lion King' soundtrack, for the first 'Disneymania' CD, which was released in 2002.

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Fan Comments

Circle Of Life is a song which sees Ronan's vocals radiate with warmth and energy. It is a song which sends your sprits soaring and conjures up visions in your head of sun-scorched plains. It's a song previously recorded as a film score to the Disney epic The Lion King. It is either Ronan or his record company that has a penchant for cover versions, and for this Ro has previously had negative comments from ungracious music critics. But for me, Ro need have no shame for any of his cover versions, as it takes a true musician to cover a song as eloquently as Ro does. I have no fault with Ronan for this cover, or any others for that matter, as Ro has the ability to invent a new personality for a song, making it his own. Ronan's version of The Circle Of Life now has a refreshing and new sound to it. Ronan's vocals are powerful and sincere and paint a beautiful vocal narrative of this musical portrayal of our animal kingdom. As I adore animals, this song particularly resonates and moves me with its true, yet sometimes sad portrayal, of the fleeting and often fatalistic call of mother nature. So I feel that Ronan, rather than being vilified by musical critics, should be congratulated for his musical expertise and creativity, in relation to his positive cover of this song. If there is one record you need to start your Ro catalogue collection, it is this one, for it is a shining example of how an accomplished cover version should sound.
- By Christine G

As a huge fan of Ronan's you come to realise what songs best suits his vocals, Circle of Life is such a beautiful, meaningful song that really shows off what Ronan can do. This song can appeal to everyone and of course signifies such a well loved family film! I think we would all love Ro to sing more lead songs on such fantastic films!! Bring on the future!!
- By Charlotte

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