Ronan wrote and recorded this song with the Bee Gees in 1999 but it wasn't released until 2005. It is a bonus track on the UK version of the Bee Gees' "Love Songs" album. This version of the CD is a bit hard to get hold of but you will find it on ebay if you're patient - and it's worth the hunt! Unfortunately, it can't be purchased as an mp3.

Fan Comments

Another completely underrated song that shouldn't have been kept on the shelf for so long. It should have been on every version of the album. It may have been recorded in the early days but Ronan's voice sounds fantastic. He sings the whole song with the Bee Gees doing backing vocals so it really is worth spending a few £ on the CD!
- By Janina

Lovers and friends is deliriously dreamy and drenched in sentiment and overwhelming emotion. The fact this song has previously been unreleased makes it all the more tantalising and appealing. Ronans vocals on this song are luscious and velvety smooth and as rich and silky sweet as an Irish liquor. This song has a heavenly celestial vibe which transports you away to a beautiful angelic place. The sweet harmonies of the Bee Gees interfused with Ronan's exquisite and tempting vocal supposition of Lovers and friends leaves a lasting and lingering feeling of contentment in one's heart. Its a song with a strong emotional narrative that unravels into a a lover's hommage to his partner. If you haven't heard this track, you are depriving yourself of a glorious and uplifting experience. Any Ronan fan would be delighted with this song as it has the hallmark sophistication and unbridled emotion that Ronan has become synonymous with.
- By Christine G

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