Ronan has performed this Frank Sinatra song at a few one-off shows in the past when he was accompanied by an orchestra. His BBC Live at the Mermaid Theatre performance in 2004 was broadcast on the radio, but isn't available for purchase. Another occasion where this song was performed was the opening of the SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany, in 2005.

Fan Comments

A Frank Sinatra classic, sung by Ronan with The BBC Concert Orchestra. Amazing song and a beautiful performance, something really different to Ronan’s usual stuff, still he sings it with heartfelt sincerity and conviction. You have to admire his intuition that made him sing this song with a touch of melancholy, he expresses subtlety and the depth of the lyrics perfectly well. Personally I love it when Ronan sings with classic orchestras, his voice sounds great with strings and I absolutely believe him when he says singing with an orchestra was an incredible experience to him.
We all know that performing live is very important to Ronan, it’s actually his trademark and he gets much respect for that. But there is one more thing, often underestimated – he clearly loves singing with a live band, he’s better when there are musicians on stage with him. For a person as sensitive and empathic as him interaction with other artists is the factor that brings more emotions to his performances.
Ronan said that having The BBC Concert Orchestra musicians on stage with him made the hair stand up on the back on his neck. It sends shivers down my spine too…
- By Elka

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