Ronan performed this Gregg Alexander track on tour in 2001 and 2002. It is available on the Destination Live DVD, but not on any CD's.

Fan Comments

Ronan is one of those artists whose talents really shine when they sing live. A great voice is one thing, but it takes more to give a good live performance and Ronan definitely has it. One thing is honesty – up on stage Ronan is just himself, he doesn’t pretend anything. He loves being on stage, the cheer from the crowds makes him happy, joyful and energetic, and he immediately gives all those good feelings back with his voice and body language: the beaming smile on his face, closed eyes, widely spread arms…  His openness on stage makes him almost completely defenseless, there is no false image to hide behind, just him, the music and his audience. And it really works! His sincerity and passion for music must be rewarded with love, that’s why Ronan’s gigs are such fun.
Someday We’ll Know is one of those songs I wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t for Ronan’s performance and that would be a shame, because it is a great song! It’s one of my favorite songs on the Destination DVD.
- By Elka

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