This song was a b-side on CD1 of the 'Lovin' Each Day' single in 2001. Ronan wrote it together with his band member Calum MacColl.

The track is not available from download stores but you should be able to find used copies of the CD single. There are usually some on Amazon UK or Amazon Germany.

Fan Comments

I love this song. It's very simple, but also very moving. A song which is sung from the heart, and most definitely suits a certain subdued mood. But i love listening to it.
- By Rita

When I first listened to "Starlight", I was totally captivated by it straight away. The power of the the music (even though it's so simple), Ronan's unique voice (which is extremely husky on that song) and the lyrics which are so heartfelt and sincere, simply amazed me. More or less by chance, "Starlight" became a very important song between a good friend and myself, it became kind of "our song", so it now has a special meaning to me! I'll always love that song, that's for sure, and it's definitely one of my favourite b-sides!
- By Kathrin

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