This song has been part of Ronan's setlist at many concerts since he first performed it on tour in 2004. It was written by Ronan and his band members James McNally and Calum MacColl, and was going to be an album track but didn't make it on 'Bring You Home'. It is available in digital format as the b-side to 'This I Promise You'.

The track is available as an mp3 on Amazon UK, 7digital UK, iTunes UK, or iTunes Ireland.


Fan Comments

I absolutely love this song , reminds me of the summer gigs and Ronan loves performing it live, its a great uplifting song !
- By Amanda

One of my faves on concerts. I first was a bit disappointed when I listened to the single version, but meanwhile I love it. It's such a beautiful song in both versions.
It brings back lovely memories, Ronan always was so happy performing it.
- By Marlis

A very catchy little song. I'm not good at hearing a song for the very first time at a gig, but this one made an impact on me right from the start, as i soon found myself singing along to the short chorus. (For me, somehow the chorus seems to run back on itself).
There's actually something delightfully ironic about hearing Ronan sing this in the pouring rain! And yes, he does then change the lyric to the song!
- By Rita

This song has Ronan’s vocals bright and breezy and brimming over with vibrance and energy. It is a song that has a catchy background guitar rift and accompanied by Ro’s energetic and vivacious vocals I defy anyone not to tap their feet whilst listening along to this track.
- By Christine G

This song is very underrated and should have been a number 1 hit and I adore it. I had not heard this beautiful song until I saw him sing it at Sirromet Winery, Brisbane Australia on Australia Day 2010, it was his opening song and it was stunning.
The perfect song for a hot summer day, it was sure Summer Outside as it was about 35 degrees Celsius. Ronan had on a lovely long sleeved white shirt with a black pair of trousers and a lovely black cumber bund around his waist and he looked gorgeous in his trademark black boots with a watch chain hanging down, but I’ll bet he was hot as it was a scorcher.
Yet again this lovely man with the golden voice has made me love him even more with this beautiful song.
- By Kathryn

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