This song was included on Australian promo copies of Ronan's first album, however it didn't make it on the final release. It was later added to several several online stores to purchase as a download.
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Fan Comments

I'm not sure who actually wrote this song, but it definitely has the 'vibe' about it of being self-penned by Ronan. It has a very laid back, easy beat to it. It's very much a Ronan 'b-side' sort of song.
- By Rita

You know you are addicted to Ronan Keating’s music when you search each and every online auction and music store for a few years to find a CD that a song called My Heart Is Not My Own was released on, when you pay a little fortune to bring some rare promo CD from Australia to Europe and when you can’t touch that CD without whispering “my precioussss!” (and going into Gollum mode lol)…
This song is so catchy that it’s unbelievable it wasn’t actually released – not even as a b-side of the single! How this could happen is beyond me, luckily lately you can buy it as a download. I love the internet for making my favorite music more available (although I will always treasure my (precioussss!) Australian CD).
- By Elka

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