Recorded in 2003 as a duet with Zucchero for Zucchero's album 'Zu & Co', this track was also included on the Italian version of 'Turn It On'. Ronan and Zucchero performed the song live at the Royal Albert Hall in 2004 (this was released on DVD - available via Amazon UK and Amazon Germany), and again on a German TV show the same year.

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Fan Comments

This is a very intriguing song, it is very different for Ronan. I really like the first 2 and a half minutes of the song. It has a very strong melody to it - one of those that could really get under your skin and you could find yourself singing it all day. And there is a very smooth 'hand over' of the duet between Ronan and Zucchero.
However after this, for me, the song becomes a bit disjointed with a longish instrumental section, a part where Zucchero sings in Italian and also in an 'echo' effect style. Ronan does return again to sing the main chorus part with Zucchero, but being a Ronan fan, i prefer the song when Ronan is more involved in the singing! ;)
- By Rita

The Flight is not a song I instantly warmed to, which is unusual for me, as I am unreservedly and exclusively a lover of Ronan's music. On first hearing this song I felt the voices of Ronan and Zucchero jarred together slightly, however after having listened to it several times I began to appreciate more the differences to their voices.
Ronan's vocals are sweet and mellow, and drift along effortlessly, like a leaf on a stream, whilst Zucchero's voice takes it up an octave, with a more gritty and raw sound.
This a song with a few quirky lyrics, 'stray cats in a mad dog city', which is pretty cool. It's a song that has a down beat to it, by this I don't mean melancholy, rather a moody and brooding presence surrounding it.
I feel Ronan has had better collaborations vocally, however I do feel it is a unique and intriguing song, which warrants a home in any Ronan fan's back catalogue, due to the fact that it is who else, but the hero of the Romantic ballad.
- By Christine G

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