Life is a RollercoasterThis book has been out of print for years, but if you come across a copy, get your hands on it. The book was published in autumn 2000 and Ronan tells his story so far, sharing many personal memories. It contains a bunch of pictures as well, including a few personal ones. 

The paperback edition, which came out in 2001, contains an extra chapter which was written after the hardcover was published.

Taken from the book jacket...

"Ronan Keating has moved into a new zone. Seven years after Boyzone took their first steps on the road to chart domination he has found himself stronger, bolder and wiser. And he has never lost touch with his roots and never forgotten his fans.

Life is a Rollercoaster is Ronan's own story. From the heart. One minute you're just an everyday kid, skipping school, working Saturdays at the shoe shop. Next you're sitting in the back of a Transit van touring Ireland's toughest clubs. Blink... and before you know it you're on your first sell-out world tour, driving yourself onward but always thinking of home.

Ronan has seen more and come further than he ever imagined. Extreme success and adulation has been shadowed by disappointment and sadness. But he has won through and stands on the brink of a new kind of solo success. Totally honest, moving and often very funny, welcome to Ronan's world.

The adventure begins here..."

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