Ronan will be on SunriseĀ on Monday, Aug 26th - a video will hopefully be on the Sunrise website later. After that, he'll be talking to Kyle and Jackie O on Australia's 2Day FM after 8am (see here for Sydney local time). You can listen live via their website, or wait for the podcast to go online.
He will also be talking to Fox FM's Matt and Jo after 8am - listen online or wait for the podcast.

Update: Catch up with Ronan being interviewed on a couple of TV and radio shows here
Matt and Jo on FoxFM (Direct link to mp3 podcast; Jump to 29:00)
The Grill Team on Triple M (Direct link to mp3 podcast; Jump to 27:00)
Video clip - With Fitzy and Wippa on Nova FM
Fitzy and Wippa Podcast (Jump to 08:45)
Video clip - Ronan and Red Foo on 2Day FM's Celebrity Whispers
Interview on Nova FM with Nathan, Nat and Shaun

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