It's been a week since Ronan's Fires tour kicked off in Bristol and he's given us some amazing shows... The opening night is always a big thing and you could tell he was very nervous, but he started to feel more relaxed and comfortable after a few songs. So far, the best shows has been the first night at Nottingham, followed by Cardiff.
This is easily Ronan's best tour yet, with the best selection of songs. The set list is brilliant and contains eight songs from the new album, as well as some old gems. Some of the highlights are I've Got You, Close Your Eyes, as well as very emotional performances of Easy Now My Dear and Scars. One thing that's obvious is just how grateful Ronan is for people's support especially after the past three years.

Check out This Is Bristol's review of the opening night, plus photos of the Brighton concert by Peter Barrett and The Brighton Centre.

We've got some great photos from Bristol (first night) in the gallery, plus a photo of the set list, and there will be more - if you've been to any shows and have got photos to share, please get in touch! I know you all enjoy looking at photos but that only works as long as people are willing to share theirs.

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