Here's a little review which Christine G wrote of Wasted Light. Don't forget to request the song on the radio please (yes - you), and leave comments on the video on Youtube. We all know that exposure is everything and we can all do our bit.

"Wasted Light" is a wistful and wondrous track, it conquers up images of splintered light hitting and reflecting off the aquamarine ocean; it's heavenly. Ronan's voice is whimsical and warm and has purity and clarity within it, which sends shivers down your spine.
It's a ballad, not straying too far from Ro's roots as hero of the romantic ballad. I do feel, however, it is a good choice for a single in that it is dreamy and tender, and the beautiful artistry with which Ro holds the note at the end of each chorus is delightful and soooooooo cute.
I feel "Wasted Light" has a soft mid-Atlantic vibe to it, and feel it would suit the Australian market perfectly, if it were to be released over there, and this is important as Ro is carefully cultivating his image with our Antipodean friends, so accessibility via sound is important.
"Wasted Light" is a beautiful and spellbinding track, which shows perfectly Ro's vocal dexterity, and he hits notes other artists can only dream of doing; his voice and vocal capabilities have improved steadily over the years and Ro now has a vocal range he can be proud of.
An issue which really saddens me is that Ro hasn't released many of his self penned tracks as singles, I suspect maybe more a label decision, as opposed to personal one. A real bone of contention for me was that "Superman" was never released as a single, I only hope this doesn't happen again on this album, and Ro is allowed to release his own songs; "Easy now my Dear", and "I've Got You"; as I feel it is important for Ro as an artist to be able to showcase his writing skills.
"I've Got You", I feel, would be a great choice for the next single, as it is a suitably different track to display Ro's writing and vocal capabilities, and to promote Ro as an accomplished songwriter.
Even though Ro sings of wasted light on this single, Ro's light is never wasted in this world, as it brings vocal eloquence and dramatic love into the lives of us all.
- By Christine G

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