Ronan has squeezed in another little charity campaign, Novembeard, to raise money for the Marie Keating Foundation. This means he's not going to shave until December. If you follow Ronan on Twitter you will have seen his photo updates - he sounds like he's getting fed up with it but we all know he's not a quitter! Brian McFadden has challenged him on Twitter, however Brian has been slack with photo updates - don't we all know who the real winner is ;)

Please make a donation to show Ronan he's not suffering in vain.... Below is an overview of Ronan's tweets and photos.


Nov 1st

Nov 2nd

Nov 3rd

"Day 1 already ahead for #novembeard" "Day 2 of #novembeard" "Day 3 of novembeard."

Nov 4th

Nov 5th

Nov 6th

"Well @BrianMcFadden how about those apples Day 4 of #novembeard" "Morning peeps. @BrianMcFadden day 5 of #novembeard" "Day 6 of #novembeard @BrianMcFadden how's yours ?"

Nov 7th

Nov 9th

Nov 11th

"Day 7 of #novembeard oh no there is a bit of grey there." "Day 9 of #novembeard. Had enough already." "Day 11 of #novembeard Had enough now. @BrianMcFadden how u holding up."

Nov 12th

Nov 16th Nov 17th
"Day 12 of #novembeard @BrianMcFadden stop clipping yours I've seen ya. Ha ha" "Day 16 of #novembeard getting silly now. How's old @BrianMcFadden holding up" "Day 17 of #novembeard ok this is just silly now."
Nov 22nd
Nov 25th Nov 28th
[Not technically a #novembeard photo but it still serves as proof! Day 22]
"Day 25 of #novembeard can't believe I have lasted this long. X" "Day 28 of #novembeard really had enough only 3 days to go might do a proper Mo for last day."
Nov 29th Nov 30th Dec 1st
"Day 29 of #novembeard I wonder how @BrianMcFadden is getting on. Only one more day of this phew." "Last day of #novembeard thank the lord." "I did it yeassssssssssaaaaaaaa #novembeard is over."

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