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From ronankeating.com:

Over the space of two days before Christmas, Ronan Keating went into British Grove studios with his band and a live orchestra to record a special solo album entitled 'Songs For My Mother' in memory of his late mother Marie Keating and to also celebrate Mother's Day.

'Songs For My Mother' is a beautiful and evocative collection of songs that Ronan remembers his mum listening to throughout his childhood. All of the songs on the album were carefully selected by Ronan and so have a special place in his heart. Along with traditional folk songs such as 'Wild Mountain Thyme' and 'Carrickfergus', the album includes tracks by revered musicians such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Elvis as well as Ronan's version of Joshua Kadison's song 'Mamas Arms', a song that helped Ronan through his grieving for his mother Marie.

The album also includes a brand new version of Ronan's song 'This Is Your Song'. Ronan wrote 'This Is Your Song' for both his parents and the track first appeared on Ronan's number one 2002 solo album 'Destination' [sic].

(as so often, they didn't quite get their details right!)