Haven't we always wanted a live album?

Leo Abrahams (who played guitar in Ronan's band for a while after Steve Jones left) says in his web diary:
"I also spent a couple of days recording the new Ronan Keating album, which was an unusual experience. The whole thing was done live in 2 days with a 26-piece orchestra."
(Thank you to Sabine for bringing this to our attention)

Nick Ingman, the conductor of the orchestra, writes on his website, "We recorded the whole project, including orchestra, rhythm section, and Ronan himself completely live, an event almost unheard of in this technology driven era. The album is dedicated to Ronan's mother who died of breast cancer two [sic] years ago, featuring her favourite songs, to be released on Mothers Day" - thanks to Elka and Karen for finding this link.

Watch this space for more details very soon...

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