Ronan's new single Let Me Love You is getting its first airplay exclusively on the BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce Show this Friday (Jan 8th) at about 11:30am (UK time). You can listen online from anywhere in the world via the BBC website, so tune in if you can!
IMPORTANT: If you are on Twitter, please tweet @BBCRadio2 and @realkenbruce with the hashtag #LetMeLoveYou during or just after the song is on and let them know how you like the song. Also, please post feedback on Radio 2's Facebook page. This is very important, so please help us out if you can!

From Friday lunchtime on, you can ask your local radio stations to play the song for you - we've prepared contact details (including social media) for lots of stations everywhere to save you some time. Please do submit a few requests every day!