You may have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge? Our man is a star. Ice BUCKET? Not large enough, it's got to be a wheelie bin. Watch Ronan's video on his Instagram account - and also check out his first attempt, which... failed miserably :°)
Storm has done the challenge too and posted her video - featuring a grinning Ronan clearly enjoying pouring the ice over her head!

The Ice Bucket Challenge is about raising awareness of, and funds for, ALS - or MND, as it is called elsewhere. If you feel that Ronan's video clip is worth a donation, why not donate online to one of the following charities...
MND Association (UK) - or donate by text: Text ICED55 followed by an amount (such as £5) to 70070
IMNDA (Ireland)
MND Australia

News articles on Ronan's video:
The Daily Edge

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