You're currently doing shows in places like Dortmund or Edinburgh, have just been to Los Angeles and regularly spend time in Australia. Do you enjoy being a pop star and travelling around the world?

Yes of course, it's great! It really is a dream come true. As a kid, I always wanted it to be like that one day.

Do you train your voice in any particular way?

No, not really. I sing a lot and I think that's enough training.

Your last four albums, including the one with Burt Bacharach, mainly contained cover songs. Are you working on original material again?

Yes, I've actually spent the past month in LA writing my own material again. Some 'back to basics' stuff, lyrics and melodies. But it'll take until next year for this album to be released.

There's talks about you being in a movie. What's that about?

I've got a lead role in the movide 'Goddess', which we filmed a few weeks ago in Australia. It's currently being cut - I think it will be out around January or February.

You've worked with Burt Bacharach, Elton John, Cat Stevens and other famous musicians. Who else would you like to work with - perhaps also a German musician?

I admire a lot of musicians and I am very happy and grateful to have worked with all these. But there's a few more I'd still like to work with, like Kanye West or Adele. In Germany I'd like to work with Xavier Naidoo. He's really great. I haven't met him yet or actually asked, but I've seen him at concerts.

In Worms, you will be performing with a string quartet. What kind of songs will the audience get to hear?

I am currently putting a setlist together. It's going to be a mix, some new stuff but also older songs like 'Rollercoaster'.

The festival in Worms is called 'Jazz & Joy'. Would you call any of your music Jazz?

Jazz...? No, that wouldn't be the right word. It's pop music. Perhaps in a few years' time when I'm older I'll move more into the direction of jazz.

You have played many large venues. Worms will be relatively small - with a magnificent view of the cathedral. Do you prefer larger or smaller shows?

I'm looking forward to Worms. I do prefer smaller concerts, simply because they're more intimate. You can connect to the audience better.

Do you take your three children to your shows? Or are they into other music?

I take them with me a lot - they've also just been to Los Angeles with me. They love my music and they're also learning to play the guitar. They're still at an age where they think their daddy is cool, that's why they like my music. But of course they're also into other current music like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.

You're also a judge on the Australian X Factor. Do you think these casting shows are a good way to become a star? You became famous through a casting as well...

I really think it is a very good opportunity for advancing artists. In today's music business it is no longer as easy as it was a few years ago. With these shows you can create a platform and become popular. But it has to happen in a decent way - which is what I try to do.

What's your advice to young people wanting to be in the music business?

Just do it! But it's not a bed of roses. It's not easy and you've really got to work hard to become a good singer and be successful.

What would have been your alternative if you hadn't become a singer?

No idea. Let's just say an actor. - Translated by Janina - Please link back if you use this elsewhere.

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