Photo by Richard FreemanInterviewRonan Keating - Debonair with edge

What's your idea of sexy?
Confidence. Class and beauty in a woman is very sexy, too.

Who embodies sexiness?
My wife [Yvonne]. She's my type - it's her belief in herself. It's incredible the way she can walk into any room and handle it. Very impressive.

Has your idea of sexiness changed since your days in Boyzone to now as a judge on The X Factor?
I've got more confidence within myself as I've gotten older. Men are lucky, I suppose - I think we benefit from age. I feel I've grown into my looks, if that makes sense.

How do you stay in shape?
I do high-intensity training with a personal trainer. A lot of weights. I've done a couple of marathons but I prefer to do 45-minute blasts, to the stage you feel sick. I love it.

When do you feel sexy?
When I'm riding my Harley. I love my bike. For me, that's my kind of peace and quiet, my head space time. It's the freedom, the exhilaration of it.

Dress to impress?
You can't beat a smart suit. The looks that James Bond had in the last two movies. Daniel Craig in the Tom Ford look - even when he was doing casual, he just looked very cool, very suave.

Who was your teenage pin-up?

Steve McQueen.

Sexiest destination?
My wife and I did the Orient-Express for our 10th [sic - we know it was the 12th really!] wedding anniversary. That was incredible - the class, the style, the amazing food, the way everybody made an effort to dress up. You're travelling through the apls in the snow. And arriving in Venice was just so romantic. I have romantic ideas of standing in the rain in Paris, but this was romance realised.

Photo by Richard Freeman

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