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Ronan Keating (32) started his career with Boyzone, but also as a solo artist he has had great successes. This year he made the perfect mothers day gift: Songs For My Mother, the CD which Keating made in memory of his mother.

Why did you choose for an album with almost only covers?

These were my mother's favourite songs. And these songs tell in a way a story about my mother and me. I think that is a lovely starting point.

What do you do for a better environment?
I join Earth Day kind of campaigns. When it is world earth day, I put off all the lights. Actually I do that throughout the whole year. My children put the lights on everywhere and I run after them to put them out again. I also keep an eye on the heating. That isn’t on in the rooms we aren’t in. I used to have lots of cars, but now I have only one. Driving a car is unfortunately a must and I travel a lot, unfortunately always by plane.

What is the most delicious thing you ever ate?

Oh dear. Sushi is my favourite. In Tokyo, I ate the best sushi ever, but that is logical. I was raised as a true Irishman, with potatoes and meat. Oh yes on a Friday sometimes we had fish, but well baked!

Who do you put on a pedestal?
My mother. Because she was always there for us. Next to that I am a big fan of Obama. If it was up to me, he'd be on a big pedestal, because he works very hard for a better world. Just like Nelson Mandela.

Is sex underrated or overrated?
I think it is good that there isn’t a taboo on sex any more. Not that children have to see everything, but I am happy with the frankness. In past times, more teenagers became pregnant than now.

What did your parents hope you would become?
They would have liked me to go to university. But I left school at a young age, to get on the road with Boyzone. My mother made me promise I would study at a later time, but that never happened.

Drink or drugs?

Drink. I never used drugs. I swear on the bible nobody ever offered me that, what is strange in showbiz. I like red wine or Mojito.

If you were allowed to step on a plane tomorrow, where do you go?
Cuba. I have never been there. I'd like to see the country before Castro is gone and everything changes there. I would smoke big cigars there with a couple of friends and I would read 'The old man and the sea' by Ernest Hemingway.

If you could bring somebody back to life, who would it be?

My mother. Definitely. I would ask her how she thinks I am doing. She was always the one with the best advice for me, when I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Which car would you never ever drive?
I love cars, but I don’t drive them that often anymore. I like working with technique and with my hands. I actually can’t name an ugly car.

How many TV’s are in your home?

Oh, you don’t want to know, I love TV, I also like to watch TV in bed, like 24, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy. I have 8 TV’s in total. But I don’t want them in my children's rooms.

Madonna or Mariah?
Madonna. I am not a fan of Mariah, but she does have a good voice. But Madonna is the one who dares everything. She is a performer and I like that.

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