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'Ronan Keating doesn’t ever have to go to school anymore.'
By Guido Verburg


11 years ago Ronan Keating lost his mother Marie because of breast cancer. In between the Boyzone reunion tours he finally found time to do something with a dream he had for some time to make a musical homage: Songs for my mother. '"She didn’t even know what a boyband was, she thought I was joining a cult."

"I owe this to her. She was the first person to sing songs for me, she introduced me to the songs of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra", says Ronan about his mother Marie.

The homage Songs for my mother has 8 songs she liked to sing and two songs which helped the singer to get through the loss after her passing away. Ronan had the idea for the album for some time, but only got time for it at the end of last year. "Before that I wasn’t ready for it, it was very difficult especially in the beginning to handle with the loss of my mother.

It had to be an honest and sincere album. We were already busy with the new Boyzone album and I could do this as a side project. That brought down the pressure, I didn’t have any expectations of it."

Especially not that it would come in at 1 in the album charts in England and Ireland. Marie Keating died of breast cancer in 1998. Since then Ronan is doing marathons, climbs mountains en plays golf, to get money for his own Marie Keating foundation.

"Education is the keyword. There are driving three busses through Ireland in which people learn how to check themselves and what to do when they found something. It works, in Ireland the women who are cured of breast cancer increased with 6%.

For my mother this was to late, her death was in the middle of the big success with Boyzone. I am happy she knew about that, she was so proud of the band," he tells us.

Five years before he had reacted on an advertisement for the Irish answer to Take That. Despite that at that time he was singing in a rock band, he did go for the change to sing in a boyband.

"I wanted to sing, nothing else than that and I got the opportunity. When I was sixteen I asked my mother if I could leave school and go further with the band. She didn’t know what a boyband was, she thought I was joining some cult. But different than other parents she agreed, but with the condition that I would go back to school if the band didn’t work out. Fortunately that didn’t happen."

Keating now at the age of 32 is in the show business for more than half his life with as successful career. A different way of life he can’t imagine. "No, but I can’t do anything else. I don’t see myself to be a carpenter or plumber. That would be something, me as a plumber: ‘Hello darling, do I have to unplug your pipes?’, hahaha!

But the fact that I can’t do anything else is not the reason I am still going on, I still get a kick of doing it."

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