Singer Ronan Keating married Yvonne Connolly in 1998. In his in-depth interview about marriage, he spoke to 'You & Your Wedding' about what a difference being married has made to his life.

How has marriage changed you?
It's made me more complete. Before marriage, you're in bars, clubs and restaurants chatting up women, then all of a sudden you come across the person who's right for you and that time in your life is over. There's something nice about it not being there anymore. Not worrying about tyring to find the right person and always having to look your best. Although I don't mean you should let yourself go - there's nothing wrose than getting married, then throwing on the pounds and sitting in front of the TV watching the match with a can of beer.

So are you still quite a romantic then?
I try my best! I still take Yvonne away and we recently went to Paris. I also organised a trip for her to New York with her friends a couple of weekends ago. She'd just had our daughter, Ali, so thought it would be good for her to get away while I looked after the three kids at home.

What was the best moment of your wedding day?
We got married on a beach in Nevis in the Caribbean. There was a minister, a steel drum band, my brother Gary and Yvonne's bridesmaid. It was 5pm and the sun was setting. It was the most romantic and beautiful evening. We were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, which was right on the beach, and afterwards we walked back to the hotel for a lovely dinner. It was perfect. What I loved about it was that we got married for ourselves - not so 400 people could come and eat cake. I remember looking into Yvonne's eyes during the ceremony and feeling very, very in love.

Did you write your vows?
Yes, it was a civil ceremony so we were able to do it our way. It was a very simple, short ceremony and we added our own words.

Did you help plan the wedding?
We were the only two people to know about the wedding so we planned it jointly. It was a 50/50 effort right down the middle. When we came back from Nevis we had a church blessing in Ireland and then threw a party. Everyone else stayed up until 2am but Yvonne and I left at 11:30pm - because that's what weddings are usually about. Nine times out of 10 those big lavish dos are for everyone else.

What have you found hard about being a husband?
Nothing makes it hard - as long as you pay attention to your wife. Everyone makes mistakes and you have to give or take, but that doesn't make anything difficult.

Do you have any married celebrity idols?
Well, anyone I meet along the way who says they've been married for years is an inspiration. I met a couple at the airport the other day and they were going away to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. They were still so in love - its exactly where I would like to be. There are not a lot of people in this business who've been married that long, however Bono and Ali have done well.

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