I've listened to Ronan almost every day since December 2012 and in June I saw that he would be a guest artist on the Ladies Night shows in Stockholm and Malmö. I decided to go to Stockholm.

Because I'm disabled I can't just jump on a train and go down (it's a bit over 500 kilometers from where I live) – I always have to bring both mam and dad and we always live at the same hotel, in the same room etc. Because of that we had too book our tickets and everything early so I missed out on the opportunity to win Meet & Greet tickets, but it didn't bother me very much.

I already listen to him and watch him every day on the computer, both at work and at home – music, clips, interviews – everything. And on the train and in the car to Stockholm I had my mp3 player jammed with Ronan songs. I knew that Life is a Rollercoaster, When You Say Nothing at All and If Tomorrow Never Comes should be in the show but I expected him to sing Fires, Wasted Light and maybe something more too.

I had never been to a Ladies Night show, so I actually didn't have very high expectations of the experience. I didn't want to become disappointed. But I'd made sure I knew Ronan's song lyrics properly and found out how my cell phone video camera works etc. I'd also tweeted to some other Swedish Ronan fans, so I knew that some people I ”knew” should be there too. And Storm.

The show was 1,45h long and it was GREAT (I'm Swedish, so I know all the artists and the songs very well)! I knew that Ronan's songs are quite well known in Sweden, so I knew that there could become some very good singalong if the ladies were in the right mood and I actually became a bit disappointed, there could have been much more.

When Ronan came on stage I realised that I wasn't the only Ronan fan in the arena – everybody on the seats in front of me stood up and did so during his whole 20 minutes performance. That made me quite angry, so I didn't pay very much attention to his performance for the first seconds... I saw him for about 10 seconds all in all I think (out of his approx 20 minutes on stage) but I heard all of it, the crowd didn't scream too much either. The sound was really good actually. It was quite obvious to me that he liked Sweden and the event. I caught him on my cell phone films so I've been able to watch that afterwards and sing a long and reminisce.

I have those clips to thank for actually understanding that I've been in the same arena as my idol. It didn't feel like that before or during the show. Maybe because I know the other artists so well. And they didn't make any big deal about him being there. Not during the show anyway, some were a bit starstruck before the show.

Go to Youtube to watch my films and some others from the night (search 'Ladies Night 2013 Stockholm' or 'Ladies Night 2013 Globen').

By Stina Palm, 29, Sweden

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