At Audley End, Ro made many a friend, with fans old and new
Waiting to see what our Superman would do
To entertain us on that airy Audley night
Brimming over with emotion, Ro was blazing as he ran onto the stage
Fires, as ever, began the show,
And excitement crackled and on the faces of the audience; there was a rosy glow
As Ro entwined his hands around the microphone and passionately released the emotion in his voice
To throw forward "I’ll Be Lighting Fires, I’ll Be Lighting Fires For You"
Beautiful ballads serenaded us, whilst up tempo Ronanesque pop tunes made life a blast
Easy now my Dear had us all swooning at the sensitivity of it all
The only thing we could do was fall, deeper and deeper under Ronan’s spell
He knows so well how to make our hearts swell with emotion
But then ever so quickly, turning the vibe around, to entice us with a high energy pop sound
Nineteen Again, ditsy and cute, and a unique song that resonates with us older fans
The lyrics almost take the older lady by the hand
And declare I understand your need to be free
Ro we love you for who you are, and though you bear the scars, you will always be ours
When You Say Nothing At All shares the vibe around,
As Ro encourages us to throw back the sound of the words
Voices sing out this song, filled with warmth and glee
Many feeling he is singing to me
It’s Alright has Ro sounding sweet and unique
And he glows like the sun whilst singing this song
It’s a shiny melody that skips along and turns somersaults with your heart
As the light fades, Ro's voice burns ever brighter
And a serenity descends unto Audley End as Ro sings Wasted Light
His voice smoulders into the night
Cameras flash, trying to encapsulate the perfect Romantic shot,
This man has it all, passion, drama, and poise
He could never be to us merely one of the boys
So let’s make some noise, when it comes to the end of this sensational show
Because we really don’t want to go, and leave our Darlin Ro
For he unites us all so, in a whirlwind of love and devotion
For the notion of life without Ro would cause such commotion
That’s why we will all be back again, to celebrate a night of love with our Ro
Wherever the location
But for now, Audley End will imprint itself in the depths of our imagination and emotion
Though Audley End is the perfect creation, lush green and palatial, and an asset to our nation
Wherever is our Ro, it’s the perfect location

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