Falkirk fell in love with Ronan, as he elegantly adorned the stage.
Ro looked stylish and sophisticated in a black tailored jacket, with black satin trim around the lapels, contrasted in style with a black casual T shirt and figure hugging trousers, which showed off his muscular figure beautifully; swoon....
Ronan was sporting his new coiffured fringe look, which made him look evermore the dashing hero, come to whisk us away from reality with his dreamy octaves and endearing charms that make us want to fall into his arms.
Ro came bursting on the stage from the side and cheers echoed around the stadium, the red hot vibe of Fires revved up the audience for what would be a night of fun, frolics and laid back lullabies.
Ronan sang a multitude of melodies, from present day hits from Fires to all time favourites from albums past. Ro seemed upbeat and joyful.
Ro sounded raunchy and ravishing as he threw forward the inspiring lyrics to Fires, there is no doubt the northern crowds know how to party, they love to let rip, and Ro commented on the warmth that radiated from the crowd; he was feeling the love.
So lost was I in the mayhem of it all, that I cannot attempt to go through the set list exactly as it was presented, but rather will give a montage of events and songs from the show.
Ro performed classic ballads such as The way you make me feel and sounded sweet and romantic in tone, unfortunately we were not to be treated to a handshake from the beautiful one, as he declined to grace us on the front, always a much loved spectacle of the shows, however, vocally Ro didn’t disappoint his fans.
Easy Now My Dear, a self penned and exquisite love song, had Ro’s voice sounding full of wonder and seduction, it’s a song that really warms your heart and leaves you with a loving glow, it’s sultry and sensual.
For all of us fans who are of a mature age, Nineteen Again really resonates and gets cheers of glee; if a song can be comedic this is the one. A nostalgic reminder of how Ro can make a middle aged women feel like a fresh faced and innocent youth, in the throws of passion and love, Ro sounds quirky and light-hearted as he sings the athemic "You make me feel nineteen again".
Ro has the ability to make his fans feel connected and loved by him, and has a charm no women can resist, I defy any woman who goes to see him in concert to not come away feeling that romance and the perfect gentleman does exist and it is emphatically our Ro.
Love it when we do wowed the crowd as always, with Ro sounding saucy and hot and he certainly knows how to tease the crowd with his sizzling little hip wiggle - swoon! - raising the temperature to boiling point.
Whimsical classic WYSNAA saw Ronan hold the audience in the palm of his hand, as he asked the crowd to throw the words of the song back to him, which they did dreamily. This is a song I never tire of hearing, and Ro always sounds as if he is singing this song for the first time, his voice is so fresh and natural, his voice is heavenly and full of romance.
I was so thrilled Ro has sang Scars on this tour, as it is such a painfully beautiful and emotionally charged track, I feel it is one of the second best songs Ro has ever written after Superman that is. Ro’s voice was melancholic and so sad, Ro knows how to go into himself and really pull out the depths of his heart and soul. This song has a special place in my heart, and always will, thank you Ro for sharing it live and giving me and I am sure most of the crowd a touching and memorable musical moment.
I've Got You is a charismatic song and from the pen of Ronan himself, it is a really catchy and sunshine feel good song, Ro's vocals were sophisticated and seductively smooth on this song, which is now becoming anthemic at the live shows as the audience sing back jubilantly "I’ve got you I’ve got you". Falkirk was awash with energetic tension when Ro belted this song out.
Lovin' each day brought sunshine on a cold cloudy June day, believe it or not, however Ro always carries sunshine around him when he, sings this song. The audience rocked with Ro on this one and his voice sounded bouncy and full of life as he danced vigorously around the stage.
A real jaw dropping moment was when Ro stepped onto a huge stack of speakers at the side of the stage, and sang along to us. My heart was in my mouth hoping they didn’t topple down, but, perhaps that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing as I am sure there would be a sea of people waiting to catch him in their arms.
It’s Alright is a jaunty little track that has a spring in its step, and that never fails to get the audience feeling the feel good vibe, it has Ro's vocals sounding perky and plucky and full of fun. I feel this would be a great third single off the Fires album, as it epitomises what Ro is all about as an artist, cutesy and cuddle lyrics, and a sunshine vibe that’s as radiant as a summers day.
Separate Cars had Ro's voice sounding elegant and soulful, on a song that is just saturated in emotion, its a song that has you lost in the drama of it all and serenaded into a melancholy moment.
Rollercoaster raised the roof, or sky perhaps I should say, as the final track of the night. Ro is famous for rocking the audience with this signature tune. Ro sounded energetic and vibrant on this track, and the stadium filled with an energy and frenetic passion that picked everyone’s emotions up and spun them around in ecstasy.
Falkirk revelled in the excitement of it all, and as the final drum smash signalled the end of our emotionally charged adventure with Ronan, a sea of smiling faces were ever so grateful for the vibe and passion of this talented artist, who had taken them to a magical and mystical place that is exclusively for Ronan fans only.
Roll on Audley End, we love you Ro, always will, you give us such a thrill.