I'm Manja from Germany, have two children and make a bit of music as one of my hobbies (I play the accordion, keyboard and guitar). I was not a fan of Ronan Keating. However.... I was in Leipzig for the concert. Quite a crazy story.
At the beginning of this year, things were not going well for me. I was completely shattered. I lost my big brother, however I had to stay strong for my parents and my children. I listened to a lot of music. On 19th February, "If tomorrow never comes" was on the radio, then afterwards two tickets were given away for the concert on the next day in Leipzig. Of course I knew the song and thought, oh to experience once in life such a thing! So I called and won (first times in my life I ever won something). THANKS Hitradio RTL. I was glad about it, however had no idea what to expect.
The concert was incredible!!!!! A world star without an ego! A brilliant singer who respects his audience and connects with it! A man who feels his songs and transfers this on the audience, and a band which is top class and Jo Garland on backing vocals makes it all perfect. Top class!!!!!! I would never have gone to this concert originally. Firstly, I was on sick leave, and secondly Leipzig is 100 km away. But what this evening has changed for me, one can hardly describe with words.
Finally, after a hard and sad time in my life I could be me once again. An enjoyable evening that made me forget all my worries. THANKS A MILLION FOR IT!!!!! Whenever I'm not feeling well again, I insert the FIRES CD and remember these wonderful moments.

THANKS - Manja

Photos from the Leipzig concert are in the gallery