Ronan memorised us all in Manchester, from the very first opening seconds, the vibe was electric, an atmospheric fires rock riff got our adrenaline pumping in anticipation of what was to come; spirits soared before the beautiful one had even graced the stage.
Then through a black draped curtain, Mr Keating revealed his presence to us fans, setting the stage ablaze when he threw forward the first tantalising and passionate lyrics to Fires, and the energy in the room was like a powder keg just waiting to explode.
Ronan stepped seductively down the steps to greet his fans, with sophistication, vigour and unbridled yelps of delight, and roaring cheers filled the arena, it was breathtaking and quite overwhelming.
This tour had long been anticipated by fans and casual followers alike, as it was to showcase new and self-penned material from Ronan, so he had a lot to live up to.
Ronan is one of those rare enviable artists, who doesn’t need flashy sets and pyrotechnics to attract your attention, his breathtaking octaves are enough to keep your attention firmly on him. Ronan’s vocals on Fires are bold and driven by an energetic optimism that declares "I am back"! There is a warmth and raw emotion in his voice, which really draws you into the story of the song with him, and you feel we are on this journey of self-realisation together.
Ronan has an endearing charm that he carries with him on stage and off, however it appears to be magnified whilst on stage, and he has a personality that is quintessentially Irish, he plays on his Irish qualities, and I say that with no criticism at all. We fans love his Celtic character, and Ro gives us what we want; his humour, charm, and manners, and we are in heaven soaking up the vibes from this Irish gentleman.
Lovin' each day established an up-tempo vibe, we and Ro began to party; his voice was full of fun and bounce, he jumped around the stage enthusiastically. A loud roar of  "Manchester!!" expelled from Ro's lungs that filled the place with energy and excitement.
The way you make me feel you could see brought on a headiness and anticipation from the fans, we have all come to associate this song with that precious handshake from the one, however as there was no barrier, Ro didn’t come down, but didn’t disappoint as he graciously leant forward and gave everyone on the front a handshake, what a gent.
I was so proud to be a Northerner when Ronan declared Manchester was a hell of a town, and the only place he wanted to be on a Saturday night; I am sure Manchester felt the same.

Then the real excitement began, in the form of new material, being the cuddly and lovable Its Alright, from Ro’s first film Goddess. It’s a track that takes you to sun drenched days with positivity and blue skies; something we all miss in February. Ro’s vocals are radiant and colourful and have a ditsy and humorous vibe to them, it's a song for me which could easily be a successful single, it has all the hallmark happiness of Ronan and the upbeat sound, which can give you a spring in your step.
Manchester impressed Ro with their sing song to If tomorrow never comes, as he praised their vocals to the song.  This is a song synonymous with Ro, and he has cleverly made the song his own. Ro’s voice is compassionate and softly seductive, and he has a real tenderness and vulnerability to his tone.
Last thing on my mind was beautifully executed by Ro and Jo Garland, and a classic one never tires of hearing, Ro’s vocals have a full bodied country sound that would befit any true country artist.
Nineteen again is the perfect anthem for us seasoned Ronan fans, in that the lyrics resonate with us more mature fans, it’s a blast of a song that has you tapping your feet and waving your arms, its soooooooo catchy.  Ro’s voice is so cute and filled with gleeful joy, that makes it impossible for everyone not to grin like a Cheshire cat.
Easy now my dear is an extra treat as it is a new self-penned track, and the intro to it commands a hush over the arena, Ronan’s vocals are sumptuous and sultry and velvety smooth in this song about the chaos of our world with internet, twitter and how we sometimes need to let go of our pressures and just relax. It’s a song Ro can be proud of; it has all the class and sophistication you would expect from an artist of Ro’s standing and years in the business, it is truly breathtaking, in every sense of the word, and captivates you.

As we marvel at the intensity of sound from long term band, the Shams, the glide into Arthur’s theme is smooth and slick. Arthur's theme is fast becoming my favourite track off When Ronan met Burt, which is a revelation to me, as prior to Ro’s recording of this song I was not an advocate of the original Christopher Cross version. Ronan slows the track right down, and his vocals are drenched in emotion and longing and wash over you as gently and seductively as water lapping rhythmically at the shores of a stream; it is a real dream, and makes you feel quite light headed with emotion.
If you love me has our Celtic cutie sounding lively and energetic singing this little Irish ditty, which is always guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs as it’s a memorising and jaunty little number.
A subtle drumbeat leads us into Wasted Light, and Ro graciously thanked us fans for allowing a new album to happen with our support.  Wasted Light has a sea faring theme; a boat crossing the Atlantic on a journey of love, Ro sounds delicious and dreamy and this song memorises the crowd.
Love you and leave you has Ro’s voice edgy and gritty, and I must profess to say it was not a track I instantly warmed to on the album.  However, having experienced it live, it takes on a more resonate and soul-searching sound which intrigues me.
Separate cars is Ronan in all his slushy sentimental glory, it is a song which hit a chord with the audience, as it is about a relationship breakup, rather a suggestion of life imitating art, with Ro’s recent personal problems.
I am so pleased Ronan decided to put Scars on his set list, as I feel as a self-penned track it is up there with Superman.  I am happy casual fans have had the chance to hear this epic of a song, Ro’s vocals are painful and melancholic, and leaves a gaping hole in your heart, as they tear at your heart and soul, a truly, truly beautiful and honest song.
Ronan was very honest and open about his feelings on the Fires tour, he eloquently expressed his gratitude to us fans for sticking with him through thick and thin, and accepting him despite his misdemeanours, as it warmed my heart every chance Ro got he thanked us fans, and it means a lot to me and I am sure many fans to be recognised for the support.

Friends in time is the classic sing a long anthem and had the crowd, on their feet, jubilantly jumping for joy.  Ronan’s voice was effervescent and upbeat, and bouncy and boisterous and as always he did his quirky little dance routine Ha-ha and looked so sweet.
Once again Ro thanked us fans, and said with emotion in his voice we need friends and family, as strong as we think we are, and he thanked us for sticking with him, which he seemed compelled to say many times throughout this concert, which really shows his humility and humbleness.
I’ve got you is appropriately the next song, and seems to sum up what Ro has just said. It’s a breezy and bright little number, with Ro’s voice sounding carefree and full of sunshine happiness, it is a real catchy little song.
Love it when we do reaffirms the positive vibe, and Ro teases us as always with his saucy little hip moves, always a hit with us fans.  Ro sounds suggestive and frisky and has a fruity tone to his lyrics, and were not complaining.
Then a strong guitar riff sweeps into the intro of Close your eyes, a track with a country rock vibe that has Ro’s vocals sounding forceful and charismatic, it’s a song with a very definite sound, and not particularly a Ro sound, which is a pleasant surprise.  It is an obvious track to play near the ending of the show, to introduce a heady and uplifting vibe.

But then Ro slows it right down, always one for musical diversity and throws forward the lyrics to We’ll be together, a Boyzone number.
And lest we and Ro forget the song that catapulted him to fame as a solo artist, the beautiful and whimsical When you say nothing at all, and the room was awash with us fans singing the chorus back to him. Although Ro has sung this time many many times, it never sounds jaded, and Ro manages to keep a fresh and wondrous sound to his voice, which always manages to captivate the crowd, and when Ro performs his party piece of holding the end note we, cheer him on, in wide eyed admiration.
When Ro declares “thank you Manchester and remember life is a bloody Rollercoaster” we are all intoxicated on Ro’s sweet sound, and so ready to throw caution to the wind, when the opening riff to Rollercoaster blares out. Ro’s vocals are ecstatic and full of an energy and the whirlwind that is Rollercoaster grasps you and takes you to energised ecstasy, with the beautiful bombshell Mr K.

And so the fire burns ever bright, even after the flames have reached a crescendo, we are all left with a warm glow and feeling of sheer wonderment for a man who has elevated our hearts and souls, and declared to the world Fires is back. It was a scorcher of a show and a true testament to Ro’s strength of character, he has turned himself around and drenched us and himself in positivity.

So, Ronan “just stay on that road in that heartbeat”.