Fires hits Manchester - By Christine G

The lights go down, and the show begins
Our love for Ronan is not merely a whim
"We love you Ronan" rings out from fans around the room
Fires is here to dispel any gloom
Our beautiful Irish gentleman steps forth onto the stage
The opening rift to Fires, it does amaze
An energetic guitar riff takes our spirits soaring high
Then the beautiful one steps down, oh my oh my
Wearing a black tailored jacket, Ro does look swish
And those black drainpipes and pixie boots make Ro look a real dish
Songs old and new we are treated to
Easy now my dear serenades our ears
Whilst Lovin each day makes us all glad we are here
Scars is beautiful and poignant, and makes us cry
Ro looks so vulnerable and sad singing this it makes us sigh
Nineteen again makes us seasoned fans chuckle
When you say nothing at all, a love song for the romantic couple
And Love it when we do, flirtatious and subtle
We all want to give Ro a little cuddle
And when Ro does his little hip wiggle, it does make us giggle
Fires is here, and no one gives a damn
Other than being in the same room as this performer,
Ro's the man we have all come to see, and we are so happy
Ronan expressed his emotions on stage at the Fires show
Thanking all his fans, that they didn’t leave him so
Alone with his fears and pain
Ro was  thankful we fans loved him all the same
Despite his indiscretions and emotional shame
Ronan’s our baby, we never could blame
Just forgive and forget, and try and ease his pain
The encore track was a Boyzone gem
With Right here waiting, subtle and sweet
Which brought legions of fans to their feet
The soft and fluffy When you say nothing at all
Whisked us away to heaven and beyond, it’s a whimsical little song
Then all too quickly came the finale to Ro’s show
The ever familiar chords to Rollercoaster roused our spirits so
After we were all excited by a familiar track, Ro brought a new track back
Close your eyes, a dreamy and atmospheric song
That well and truly announced, our Ro is back
So despite attacks from press and ungracious begrudgers
Fires is here, and back, so “feck”  the begrudgers