Brian McFadden, Ronan's good friend, came out first. He sang and joked for about 30 minutes. Such a comedian and I loved his songs. 
then half an hour later 
out came Ronan singing Fires. Love that new song of Ronan.
He had us singing along to all his songs. He had a mixture of his classics and added a few new songs from his new Album, Fires. He gets sexier as each year goes by. It was his birthday the day before so all the audience and the band sang Happy Birthday to him. He was a bit embarrassed. hehe
He owns the stage and gets the audience in all night. Most sang along and/or clapped. 
A sad note was we weren't allowed to stand.
Did finally for the encore, the  last 2 songs. Yay. I feel they should be standing concerts, as we all wanted to dance.
I am sure his voice gets more powerful. It is a joy to listen to him. 
After one and a half hours the concert finished. 
Far too soon.

Can't wait to see him again when he comes back to Sydney.