I bought a m&g ticket for the O2 in London. I was there with my mate Nanie and all my other french mates/fans. We were in the queue and we were a little nervous. Then it was the time for me and my mate .. what a happiness to see and talk with Ro! He was really nice as usual. He signed our photos and had a picture taken with us and then with all the group. We talked a few minutes, with some french words included.

The we went to our seats. First row, so fabulous!!! Brian was excellent. Then .. Ro. I loved every second of the gig, as usual. I was happy to see him in great form and enjoy himself on stage as much as he did before (Destination tour, 10 years of hits tour...) He joked, he talked about his past life .. and always said thank you. I'll never forget "Thank God I've got you". I adored Wasted light and seeing his little dance.. wooh.. I adored Separate cars and I cried and cried!!!! I had so many different emotions in my heart!!

I adored his clothes! his shirt, his trowsers, especially his jacket.

I remember the scream of the crowd when Shane arrived, I get goosebumps when I listen to the live CD. I listen to it again and again!

I adored his little break in Scars.. I adored Close your eyes and enjoyed Friends in time with his guitar etc...

This tour was really great!!!