On Feb. 12, 2013, a friend and I came over from the US to attend Ronan Keating’s Fires concert at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. The venue was lovely, and we had great seats in the front center area, row 9. The room was filled with anticipation as people filed into this sold out concert.
First was Brian McFadden. He was very free with banter, and could probably have a second career as a stand-up comedian if he wanted to. He sang some of his own songs, songs from Westlife, and a song from his new album, Irish Connection. I loved it all.
Then it was time for Ronan. The set was great- lights and color helped to build the excitement! Ronan came out singing Fires, and the audience was with him from the first note. He picked a great combination of songs from old albums and new- I was thrilled that he chose eight songs from the new Fires album! I think it’s his best album so far. He’s not the comedian that Brian is, and even though his comments were quite similar at each concert, I was touched that it was so important to him to let his fans know how much he appreciated their support during what has been a very difficult personal time for him. I felt he was sincere, and even though it was obvious that his voice had not fully recuperated from the flu, he had boundless energy and gave 100% to the audience. He does an amazing live concert. His voice is strong and clear, and he certainly left me wishing the concert could go on for hours longer! Aside from security making people in the front sit down, which was distracting and annoying, it was just an outstanding concert, and well worth coming from the US to see.