I went to see Ronan Keating on the 26th January at the O2 in London, I had a meet and greet package so I was a bit nervous when the time came to meet Mister Keating ;)
One by one, we waited to see him, we were a lot of french fans, all friends and it was amazing! he was smiling, awesome and so so nice with all of us, we each took a picture with him and he accepted to do one more with all the french fans, he signed an autograph and said to me that the photo I'd made was "so cute", I was so happy, we spoke a little more and after that we went to our seats (row A) to see his wonderful perfomance!

The setlist was perfect, a lot of songs from the latest album, his voice was at its best, a lot of exchange with the public, all the fans singing on "If tomorrow never comes", unforgettable! The emotion for "Scars" and "Easy now my dear" was undescribable! What a pleasure to see him again, so happy, so amazing, so fun ...... each time I see him it's like a dream which has come true! This time even more!