I watched Ronan's movie Goddess last year in March and I absolutely loved it not because Ronan Keating was on it (that was definitely a plus though) but honestly I cried because I felt like this movie was made about my life, I felt like I was watching me on there. It actually put a few things in perspective as well in my life and it made me realise so much that's important to me in my life.

After watching Goddess I felt it answered questions I had going through my mind. Without this movie I don't know what life would like right now and I'll be eternally grateful to this movie and it's a movie I could watch many times with children too as my children loved the dancing and singing in it, but my six year old daughter did say she agreed with me when we hoped to see more singing coming from Ronan, like maybe a duet with his wife. But over all this movie is 10/10 for me.

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