In writing this review on the movie Goddess, starring our well-loved Ronan Keating, I’m not going to give the whole plot away and movies to me are a personal form of art; what is enjoyed by one will be disliked by another so please, go see this movie and make up your own mind.

I admit that I went (almost running) to the theatre to see Goddess just to watch Ronan in his first acting role. I love the guy – he is a brilliant singer, one of the sexiest guys alive and he has been through so much these last few years that I believed I might see some of those emotions come through on screen.

I had a perception of the plot only – I’d seen the promos and it instantly made my heart warm and I laughed, really laughed and for once (although I love it) I wasn’t watching things blow up every 5 minutes. Nor was I plastered with visuals of the typical “sex scene” ……but….. excuse the pun, I was secretly wanting to see the kitchen/Ronan/butt scene.  Visions of women buying the DVD to rewind that scene again and again raced through my mind at the time and I just had to laugh again.

The movie is filled with music, wonderfully choreographed and not over the top. Magda, playing Cassandra, was brilliant in her singing scene and again, I found myself laughing and enjoying it. It left me wanting to see it again. Sadly Ronan (James) did not sing as much as I thought he would but he captivated every heart when he did. His love song duet with Laura (Elspeth) was exceptional. The character of Elspeth was funny and very believable which made her easily relatable.

There WAS a storyline here. In my opinion, I think you get more from a movie if you can relate to it and ANY woman who has had children can relate to the main character having to deal with those delightful children….cough cough! Also a woman giving up her passion to raise two small children while her husband is away a lot is difficult and this scenario faces many people today. Her character had the ability and creativity to do something exciting and took her into a world of being noticed but that fame ultimately led her to make several hard decisions which impacted not only her life but Ronan’s character too.

Ronan had a very emotional scene at the wharf and it was so believable, I had tears welling up - a brilliant piece of acting Ro! When someone as talented as Ronan is at singing decides to act, I get a bit uggy but there was an innocence to him that brought believable emotion.

This movie makes you laugh, cry, feel, think, relate and enjoy the happiness and emotion it was trying to convey. If you think beyond the surface, this movie touches on a lot of problems many couples could face and to see the movie done in such a delightful way – well to me it was brilliance.

Well done Ronan and all of the cast.

Looking forward to his next project.

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