What better actors than Laura Michelle Kelly and Ronan Keating to play the main roles in this new major film!

I’ve always loved Ronan Keating and knew he was incredibly talented from a very early age. For his first ever role in film, I was just mind blown!

Laura Michelle Kelly and Ronan Keating’s connection throughout the movie was just perfect. You really could believe that they were a family in real life! From the happy moments to the arguments, they always had this connection that made it impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

The musical numbers were just phenomenal and writers are just lyric genius! The catchy tunes literally made you want to sing along! And Laura Michelle Kelly’s voice?  Her vocals are just perfection!  Every musical number, Laura delivered flawless performances. Every time Laura sung, the cinema was completely silent, everyone just taking in her beautiful voice!

Overall this movie was a 5 STAR movie as the characters, plot, music, dialogue were absolutely wonderful! The actors and actresses involved in this movie were perfect for the roles and brought so much to the movie.

Kath & Kim star Magda Szubanski, Wicked and Legally Blonde star Lucy Durack and Natalie Tran from youtube also featured in this film.

‘Goddess’ has just hit cinemas throughout Australia! Definitely recommend seeing ‘Goddess’ whilst it’s in cinemas!

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