Anyone who loves a good chick flick romantic comedy will definitely enjoy Goddess. Goddess tells the story of young English mum Elspeth Dickens, played by Laura Michelle Kelly, who is stuck in a remote farmhouse in southern Australia with her twin toddlers while her marine scientist husband James, played by Ronan Keating, is away studying whales.  Lonely and isolated, she installs a webcam over her kitchen sink and sings songs about domestic chaos to the web worldwide. When she becomes an internet sensation she has to choose between fame and family or risk losing it all.

Laura Michelle Kelly is one to watch out for, as awesome acting and singing talent and not forgetting how fabulous Ronan Keating makes his transition into acting. Best parts for me when he is stood at the sink in a pinny washing up and we get a lovely cheeky view of his butt! He brought a tear to my eye when he sings mama's song to the two twin boys, as this really homes in how real he makes this scene feels to the cinema audience. Ronan is a natural at acting, doesn't have to try to work it, just makes his character he is playing come alive.

Overall a must see film, really hope UK gets the film :)

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