Hero of the romantic ballad Ronan steps away from his musical persona to step onto the silver screen for his latest creative venture, in which he plays James Dickens in the musical romantic comedy Goddess.

The cinema in which Goddess was screened, in my opinion, certainly enhanced the production in that it was an intimate art house cinema with so much character, as opposed to a soulless brash multi-plex we so often have to endure when we view a film. 10 out 10 for the venue.

I went to see this film with a sceptical attitude, as I did not want to assume that as Ronan is an accomplished singer, he would automatically be able to act, even after extensive acting lessons. However, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved I could write a positive review.
The film is set in Australia and follows the trials and tribulations of James and Elspeth Dickens' relationship, or lack of it, due to James' travels. Ronan's portrayal of a caring and compassionate husband, James, who adores his wife, yet is dedicated to his quest to save the whale population, is endearing and sweet.
Feeling their relationship is drifting due to his long spells away, James gives Elspeth a webcam to keep in touch, however when Elspeth tries to connect with James via the webcam, there is disappointment, as there's no connection So forlorn Elspeth begins to perform songs in front of her webcam, as compensation for being alone and struggling with two highly strung children, unknown to her that the performances are going live over the internet, and have acquired a number of fascinated viewers, including steely minded media mogul Cassandra (Magda Szubanski).
Elspeth is then approached to go and perform globally via the internet. She is forced into situations she doesn't feel comfortable with by Cassandra and is also pursued by an amorous suitor and street busker. Originally Ro was to be approached to play the part of the busker, but luckily for us was then wisely considered for co-star in the film.

James is away for weeks on end, and doesn't seem to see the consequences of his actions. Only when he returns home to a blow on the head from protective nanny, who thinks James to be an intruder, does the situation begin to dawn on him, and how I felt his pain ouch. James argues with Elspeth on her return about the fact that she has not kept her end of the bargain; to care for the children until his return, at which time he will honour his part of the deal and look after the kids. They part on bad terms when James goes back to his environmental work, and we are left with the cliff hanger of whether they will rekindle there love and relationship.

Bored housewife Elspeth abandons her domestic life to follow her long term dream to become a star, only to find the path fraught with heartbreak and compromise. The story is a modern day fairytale in that Elspeth is the innocent and pure snow white character, who is used and manipulated by Cassandra, a Cruella Deville character, for her own ends, and is then later saved from her loneliness when Prince charming James returns to her later in the film. It's the stuff that dreams are made of, a couple who are a match made in heaven who don't even realise it until their love is put to the test, and they come out stronger and more together.

And so to the end of the film. Elspeth and James realise after all their adventures they want to be together, and after a brief spell apart as James broods over Elspeth's leaving the family unit, James sweeps down from the skies in a helicopter to save his Elspeth from heartache, and a party ensues in the street where Elspeth is with her two children, and the family is together once more Awww.

Ronan's screen presence is enchanting and his acting ability particularly strong, and his role as marine biologist and mammal marvel are extremely believable, and for his debut acting gig Ronan delivers well.
I am not a lover of musicals, as I often find them a bit too busy and frenetic, however I found Goddess flowed delightfully well, and Laura Michelle Kelly has a childlike innocence to her which is delightful to watch in an age when women are sexualised to the point of being cheap and tacky.
The love scenes are perfectly executed and fun and beautiful, and not at all contrived, as so often they can appear when on camera.

There are some stunning shots of Ro's physique, which he has every right to show off, as he's soooooooo honed, and there's a great moment when Ro has an apron on at the kitchen sink, displaying his muscular arms, only to turn around and reveal even more; his pert cute bottom, lovely! What women wouldn't love Ro stood at her sink, displaying his heavenly body; made me feel quite light headed Ha-ha.

Goddess is a feel good movie which makes you giggle in all the right places and yet is deeply romantic and moving. in parts. The music in this film is stunning obviously from Ronan, but I felt Laura Michelle Kelly's music was very easy on the ear, and wasn't I surprised to find out she had an album of her own called Storm Inside in 2006, and as Laura is an established West End actress, Ro was in good company for his screen d├ębut.

One criticism I do have of this film is the absence of the song "Its Alright" in the film, it's a strong song and I felt the decision to have it on the closing credits not a good one, in my opinion it would have been better suited to appear in the film itself, as I felt it would have showcased his music to a new audience; to casual viewers.
Whilst I do acknowledge on the billing Laura Michelle Kelly is the star of this film, as much as we Ro fans see it as Ronan, I feel it would have been gracious of the film makers to allow Ro one solo song in the film itself.

Having said the above, I did feel the duets with Ro and Laura were well chosen and their voices blended well together, and there was a lovely scene where James is on the boat looking out to sea and Elspeth is in her own world and the song and voices convey perfectly their longing to be with one another; it is beautiful.
I cannot wait for the soundtrack of this movie to be released, as it will conjure up in my mind so many beautiful and breathtaking moments from this emotionally charged film.

This film is adorable, not just for its obvious qualities of having Ro in it, but also for its sheer lavish and loving sentimentality. We need films like this to remind us all of the importance of the simple things in life that keep us all happy and grounded. It's a film which shows love will conquer all, and Ro is such a darling in it. He lights up the screen and draws you in until you become lost in the utter romance of it all.
Laura Michelle Kelly is sweet and natural, and a perfect screen wife for Ro, and the role Magda plays is wickedly good and compelling. To sum it all up Goddess is an astounding cinematic success and what a joy to see our Ro on the silver screen; he's the perfect matinee idol. Can only wait with baited breath to see Ro tackle his next screen role.

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