10/10 - a perfect film for everyone
Goddess was absolutely amazing! Totally exceeded all my expectations! I laughed lots, swooned a bit, almost cried & sang along proudly! The opening scene with Elspeth (Laura Michelle Kelly) will have people laughing lots a the irony of it, then gagging shortly after when her twin hyperactive boys are 'playing' in the field, you'll see why when you watch it!
Elspeth is married to James or "Jimmy" as she calls him (Ronan) & he spends lots of time away from home tracing whales & spends little time at home, after they made a deal that Elspeth would stay at home looking after the children until they reach school age, whilst her husband works away.
Jimmy gets called away on work unexpectedly after only a couple of days at home & Elspeth is understandably upset & left at home alone with her boys again & finds that her only form of communication with her hubby is through Internet means & soon uses it to broadcast her songs 'at her kitchen sink' & becomes a bit of an Internet hit, without her realising.
Elspeth doesn't fit in with the local ladies group as they see her as an outsider & her boys' antics in the supermarket do little to warm her to the local group of ladies, who are reluctant to let her join in their picnic.
After watching Elspeth's songs on the internet, a big blue chip company makes Elspeth a proposal that she thinks is just too good to turn down - but at what cost to her family life & her personal sacrifices made for what she thinks is her dream? A realisation hits Elspeth but is it too late to rectify what damage has been done?
There is also the infamous 'pink pinny' scene which will have women fainting left right & centre! The music is infectious, the acting is brilliant & I thoroughly enjoyed it. The storyline also acted out in a real-life believable setting which everyone can relate to, that's why it's so gripping & appealing, we can all associate with it.
Laura Michelle Kelly's acting & singing brings Elspeth's character dazzlingly to life as a mother who is balancing being a mum to 2 over-active young boys, a loyal & faithful wife to a husband who is away from home a lot of the time, a woman who is considered an outsider in her own local ladies circle & a lady who is ambitious & strives for her 'big break' & gets it.
Ronan excels himself in his first acting debut; bringing charm & warmth to the character James, who loves his wife & kids dearly but is torn between his love & dedication for his job & being the man of the family whilst spending so much time at sea. He will have you laughing, smiling & gawping in places & is truly believable as the Irish husband every woman would dream of!
The film will leave you feeling all warm, fuzzy & feeling romantic :-) I will definitely be watching it again at least twice when it comes out on release in cinema's in February & pray to god it goes eventually to DVD!!!
Everyone should see it!

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