No way was I going to miss the opportunity to see the first previewing in the UK of Ronan's acting debut in this superb film 'Goddess'.
Goddess is a beautifully produced film with a really heart warming story line. Laura Michelle Kelly plays house wife Elspeth Dickens. Home alone a lot for long periods of time looking after 2 very cute but very hyperactive twin boys, Elspeth dreams of performing. Off on his next mission as a marine biologist, husband James (Ronan Keating) leaves his wife a webcam with the intention that they keep in touch that way. Unable to ever contact her husband, Elspeth uses the webcam to perform from her kitchen over the internet and soon becomes an internet sensation.
With Elspeth heading off to the brightlights of Sydney, James returns home to find his kids with a nanny and takes on the not so easy task of looking after the 2 boys. Will fame and fortune drive James and Elspeth apart? Will the temptation of the high life mean James and Elspeth break their deal?
Laura Michelle Kelly is nothing but sensational, hilariously entertaining, fantastic vocals and extremely versitile, definitely one to watch out for. As for Ronan, wow, he really should be proud of his acting debut. Playing the part of James so genuinely and with precision for the part. With plenty of humourous moments and some really touching scenes, Ronan has really proved himself in this film, an absolutely brilliant performance.
Supported by an excellent cast this film will have you laughing out loud, reaching for the tissues and tapping your feet throughout. Whether you love chick flicks, musicals or romantic comedies, you will LOVE Goddess.

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