If I’m honest, about 18 months ago when I heard (from Ronan face to face in fact!) that he was filming the lead role of Aussie film Goddess.com I was a little bit nervous. More like a protective fan than a sceptic or maybe a bit of both. Then when I heard it was a musical I gritted my teeth. My friends know I can’t stand most musicals - not all but most. But hey, positive thinking and open-minded. It was going to be a while before it was released, or at least that’s what we thought until FilmFest Australia in Clapham, London announced a one-off September 2012 showing of the now titled Goddess. Ticket booked, I went along, met some friends and fellow fans from Twitter at the cinema. There was a happy buzz in the cinema even more so after Ronan’s co-star, the film’s lead female, Laura Michelle Kelly came onstage for a mini chat and a few laughs.
I am happy to say, beginning to end, the movie was great – really, really good. From the opening amusing scenes to sad moments causing a few sniffles in the audience, the film really drew me in.
Laura does a great job playing Elspeth, a loving mother with conflicting responsibilities and ambitions - but this isn’t shown in dreary or down songs, instead colourful and animated musical numbers. Some are over-the-top and silly, but that’s what musicals are all about. It isn’t hard to be drawn into her world.
So, what about Ronan? He plays a husband away from home a lot so there are big parts of the film where we don’t actually see him. Perhaps the majority of us watching were biased, but in the scenes where he appears, it works - he seems comfortable and funny and charming all in one. The scenes with the young twins are very entertaining and very believable – almost an insight of what Ronan may have been like with his own young children. He looks naturally handsome like the good-looking man-next-door (we wish) rather than a poster-boy, which works for the character, yet still makes every female in the cinema sigh and smile and swoon regularly. Of course that pink apron scene will become infamous. And thankfully Ronan keeps his lovely Irish accent rather than attempting an Aussie one!
As well as the two leads, there are so many great characters in this movie, each adding something to the story together with lots and lots of laughs. Oh, and the supercute kids. For anyone with any link to Australia, especially Sydney, the scenes of the city and its icons in this movie will take you there in an instant. Sydney holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons so as well as the delightful Mr Keating, I had another reason throughout the film to be smiling ear to ear.
The best words to sum up Goddess, as I’m sure everyone else has and will when they see it, is that it is a real feel-good film. Whether you’re a Ronan fan or not, if you like theatre and musicals, you will enjoy this multi-coloured, fun and entertaining story. I don’t think anyone left that theatre without a warm fuzzy feeling and a big smile on their face.

(.. and unlike every other film, no one will leave their seats when the end credits start, as we are treated to not one, but two new Ronan songs in full. Like the cherry on top of a sweet cupcake!)

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