How would I describe Goddess? It does not fit in to one particular genre, it is a comedy, a rom-com with a musical lean too. It reminded me of Mamma Mia in parts and I loved it.
I do not want to ruin the storyline, but basically Elspeth (played by Laura Michelle Kelly) is married to James (Ronan Keating). He's a marine biologist and is travelling a lot researching whales and Elspeth is left home alone looking after her adorable, but extremely demanding two and a half year old twin boys.
Elspeth is lonely, she has no friends and when James leaves for a second trip he leaves her a web cam so they can stay in touch. She can never contact him and entertains herself doing her own webcasts. The film is cleverly written, satirising some stay at home minds and how they are about their children and their attitudes to others. There is some great music and scenes where Elspeth uses her songs to express her sadness and frustrations.
Elspeth is viewed on the internet and shunted in to the limelight, leaving James to come home from his research to find his boys with a Nanny and his wife in Sydney.
This film made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think, it made me analyse what we take for granted sometimes too. It has a message, through Elspeth's different experiences she realises what she really wanted all along was her husband and boys and she really is happy with her lot. There's heartaches, there's what ifs, there's Ronan in nothing but an apron at the kitchen sink. It really has everything!
To try and summarise in one phrase, it's a fun-loving, funny, feel-good factor film! I loved all the music, Laura has a gorgeous voice. I hope they release her duet with Ro as it's just amazing and I want to se it again and again and again!
Even my husband and my 14 and 15 year old children said they'd go again!
We need Goddess in Europe and fast!

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