Ro was the first guest on and wore a tight fitted short sleeve white shirt with black print on it (maybe birds?) and black tight fitted jeans that had zips up to the knee and were faded on the back of the legs and had a label stitched under the right back pocket! He looked fantastic, his hair was gorgeous and I would say he looked leaner and had obviously been working out alot. He told Rob he works out 5 times a week doing 45 mins of running and weights every time.

There were questions from the audience, a fan's Ronan tattoo was admired and a story about naming a son after Ronan (wish I'd put my hand up to talk about my budgie Keating now!) Ro was asked if he'd slow dance with someone who was getting married in 9 weeks time and it was staged like a school slow dance and he was really cute with his dance moves and we were all hideously jealous that we weren't dancing and hugging him!

In other questions he said his favourite comedian was Michael McIntire and he talked about how fantastic Gary Barlow was and how Gary kept them going whilst climbing Kilimanjaro.

Rob tried to sing like Ronan used to do and they had a good laugh together. The album "When Ronan Met Burt" was discussed and how strict Burt was about how the tracks were sung. He told Ro he had to stick to the melody that was written and not go off track. Ro talked about how in awe he was of Burt and how excited he was the Christmas Burt called and his friends were there when he got the call and he had to cover the mouthpiece and tell them all who was on the phone! Rob sang some of his songs off the album and then asked Ro to sing "Walk on By" which he did and his voice sounded awesome, it gave me goose bumps!

Ro was on the set the whole time and had a chat and a crack with the others, Jason Manford and Neil Morrissey. They asked him to teach them how to be in a boy band and 4 stools and microphones were set up. Ro admitted he'd never mimed before and they mimed "Love Me for a Reason". He showed them how to move the mike between hands whilst singing and how to put your hand in a fist and pull it towards you to show the "love". With the key change they all stood up and continued moving and dancing. Ro told them how important it was to keep glancing at each other too whilst singing! The take was done twice and James asked Ro whose track they were singing which was funny! Rob, Neil and James could be heard chatting to each other about how much they'd enjoyed doing the song, they called themselves "Zimmer" although Ro had suggested "ManZone!"

The new album "Fires" is different to his other albums, there is only one ballad, two dance tracks and the rest are rocky.

He was asked about Australian X-Factor and he said how tiring 8am-12am was everyday and he lost his patience when people were rubbish by the end of the day. He tried to be Mr Nice Guy but it got too much at the end of a long time when the singers weren't good!

Unfortunately he had to sing "Fires" twice :) which was the end of the show, apparently we weren't clapping or dancing enough! The whole audience seemed to really like it and clapped along to the whole song. It made me want to cry when I first heard it. The second time I really thought I was going to lose it. It's such a rocky number but the words are sad. The chorus is "I'll be fighting fires, fires for you, I'll be fighting fires, fires for you and when you're ready I'll be there to take you home" (close to that anyway!) It is going to be a classic like "Rollercoaster", is more upbeat than "Lovin' Each Day" and quite raunchy, with hints of "Turn It On". The song has so much energy to it, you can't stop yourself moving and clapping along. It's hard to describe, but it's more upbeat and rocky than you've ever heard Ro sing before and you are going to LOVE IT!! Roll on July 15th!

The programme is being shown in August on BBC2 and it's going to be worth the wait! It's already a brilliant show and Ro makes it even better!

I♥ RO Melanie x

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