Venue: Darling Hotel Star City Pyrmont Sydney.
Date: 25th October 2012 7pm

A once in a lifetime competition win had turned into a twice in a lifetime win. Yet again I had won the Ronan Keating competition with 97.3fm Brisbane, 3 years apart but still the biggest buzz imaginable. An all expenses paid trip from my home to see the amazing Ronan again, I was so excited I nearly jumped through the phone when the DJ‘s announced to me that I was the one and only Brisbane winner.
To top it off it was also my husband's and my 27th wedding anniversary on that day, what a celebration, WOW.
After a nice Virgin Blue flight we alighted to be picked up by our limousine and whisked straight to Star City Casino and our accommodation. My husband and I filled in about 5 hours till the concert by visiting the Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussards Wax Works, both wonderful attractions.
The time had come, we walk a short distance to the beautiful Darling Hotel and lined up with all the other lucky winners, we were all given a lanyard with Ronan’s name and the Mix FM logo on. As we entered the beautifully appointed and luxurious venue a photographer took our photo, which is incidentally on the website for all to see (I am blonde with glasses, have on a black dress and a red shrug, my husband has short hair and a grey shirt).
We were served bubbly, wine, beer and canapés which were lovely and certainly got us in the mood to see the very handsome Mr Ronan Keating. We chatted to and met some wonderful people and had the times of our lives just waiting for the concert to start, I just knew that it was going to be a good night.
At about 8pm Sami and Ant from 106.5fm came onto the stage to announce Ronan, what an up roar! We were all ready to experience Ronan’s amazing stage presence, his charisma and that magnificent voice.
Ronan’s first song was of course “Fires” I got chills and had tears in my eyes, It was hard to believe I was actually there experiencing it first hand, again. I’m not sure what order the rest of the songs were sung in but I’ll try and remember (I have had quite a few glasses of Bubbles by then, hiccup!!).
Next up was ”Wasted Light”, what a voice this gorgeous man has, it was stupendous I wanted this song to last forever.
“I've Got You” followed, this is one of my favourite songs on “Fires” What can I say magnificent.
“This I Promise You”, and oldie but a goodie was thrown in for good measure and Ronan sang it beautifully.
“If Tomorrow Never Comes” was superb and sung with a lot of feeling.
“When You Say Nothing At All” my all time favourite Ronan Keating song, it had everyone screaming and singing along, yet again a few tears were shed as this is the absolute pinnacle for me.
“Lovin Each Day” Ronan’s last song of the evening was such a happy, boppy song that everyone knows and loves, I am so glad that he didn’t miss out on this fabulous little gem.
The audience were in a frenzy of love for this beautiful man and when he said goodnight we all were all sad but very elated and very thankful. What an evening, the performance was superlative and cannot be compared. Ronan enjoyed himself immensely and we were blown away!!
The Collective were about 2 foot away from where I was standing and HELLO what a lovely looking group of young men, they were watching closely and I think they also appreciated the learning experience. Ronan’s children Ali and Jack were very near us as well, basking in their father’s obvious adoration from the fans.
Yet again I have experienced Mr Ronan Keating at his best and I was not disappointed.
Thank you Ronan xxxxxx