I got into Dublin on Saturday morning at 9.30am, caught the Dublin Coach and arrived at the Racecourse at 11am, saw some lovely little Irish towns on the way. I waited a few mintues and then another girl joined me, and we were eventually allowed to go in after a few minutes. We found the stage, which was small, straight away and Ro's band were rehearsing, but Ro wasnt there. We hovered for a few minutes and didnt know whether we should stay, but went and stood at the front, and in the middle, in front of Ro's microphone and never really moved again, except to go to the loo or get something to eat. One kind lady took pity on us and brought us out tea and biscuits, which was so kind of her. Luckily for the main, the rain kept off but it wasnt the warmest of days. Not many more people joined us as I think they were too busy betting and enjoying the racing. The fashions were incredible, Irish women are so beautiful. The thing that spoilt their outfits was the 4-6 inch heels they were wearing. From where we were sitting, we could see it was throwing their posture out, and most of them couldnt walk properly. Mind you I have no room to talk, with my flatties on and I never took my Coat off all day, I was too cold.  The last race finished and the crowds started to gather behind us.

The band came on and then Ronan was there. Cannot tell you how good it was to see him, he looked gorgeous, with a charcoal grey, t-shirt, shirt and trousers and started off in his sunglasses, then he took them off. Ro sounded wonderful and was in a really happy mood. His kids were there and he pointed them out to us and waved at them, how he loves his kids. He didnt shake our hands cos there wasnt enough room, but high-fived us instead, which was lovely. I did think he looked a bit leaner, certainly not in an unpleasant way, but he wasnt as "beefy" as he was last year, and in 2010. There were uptempo songs and the usual favourites. The set was about 75 minutes long approximately, but it was so worth going.

The set list was similar to the one he did in his Australian tour earlier this year. It went something like this:

1. Believe Again
2. If you love me
3. The Way You Make Me Feel
4. If Tomorrow Never Comes
5. Last thing on My Mind (solo)
6. Chatted about the film and then sang It's Alright
9. Walk on By
10. Arthur's Theme
11. When you Say Nothing At All
12. Will you Ever Be Mine
13. I Love it When we Do
14. Friends in Time accompanied by his guitar
15. Lovin' Each Day
16. Pump it Up
17. Life is A Rollercoaster

It was a really wonderful, intimate concert.  The sound of Ronan's voice was magical and of course it was a great pleasure to see his beautiful face and listen to his music.