Ronan looked sheer perfection when he strode onto the course at Portrush, wearing a short sleeved grey marl polo shirt, which displayed exquisitely his muscular and honed arms, and wearing tight black figure hugging trousers, that were positively breathtaking, and black and white golfing shoes.

Whilst the view was exceptional both scenically and Ronanesquestly, what really saddened me was the nonexistent reception Ro received from the crowd on his introduction to the fairway. Ronan’s name was announced and there was total quiet, apart from the rapturous welcome from me and my friend, as we cheered and clapped to spur him on.
It is a mystery to me why many of the Irish people have little or no appreciation of what Ro has done for the islands, bringing in huge amounts through tourism for the respective countries through his concerts, his tireless giving to Irish charities and his resident position in his native land, generating millions into the economy.

Anyway, I digress, back to the event and say the reception did warm somewhat as time went on, however not to be worthy of Ro's standing. This man is unbelievably fit; as quick as a ferret down a hole when he races around the course leaving us fans literally in hot pursuit, trying to keep up with this Irish dynamo. One of Irelands most challenging golf courses only served to spur Ro on, where with some I am sure it would chew them up and spit them out.
Nice to see a female caddy with our Ro, what a lucky lady, how many of us would love to be at Ronan’s side as he plays his favourite sport, heaven.

Ro seemed to putt many of his shots toward the right of the green, and found himself in the rough a few times trying to find his lost golf balls, however he took it like a true gent and laughed and joked about his mishap. And at one point, when his ball landed in the bunker and he managed to swing it back onto the green, he laughingly joked; “I got it back on the dance floor”, whether an Irish expression or Ronanesque word, it made us fans chuckle.
In fact a lucky member of the crowd, an Irish lady, found Ro’s golf ball in the rough and a gentleman with her shouted to Ro, "we have found your ball", to which Ro gallantly strode over, and then was asked for a autograph, and he shared a photo with the lady. Someone said jokingly that ball will be worth a lot, to which the lady retorted "I’m keeping it"; clever girl.
Ronan as always was generous with his time, signing autographs en route, and giving plenty of attention, waves, smiles and comments to us fans, it was sheer heaven.

As the day wore on there were sunshine and showers and at least three seasons in one day, but true Irish luck stopped the heavens from opening, to the extent they had previous days, and it really looked like we were witnessing the luck of the Irish for the prestigious first time of this event at Portrush. As the showers kicked in Ro began to sport a snazzy red and black Calvin Klein cagoule, the red of the jacket seemed to capture and heighten his blonde hair, and he looked stunning, and suitably attired to deal with the Irish elements.

Ronan was teamed up with Paul McGinley, an Irish golfer and star of the Ryder Cup, the banter between them was infectious, with them joking and playing around, obviously fully enjoying the craic and the golf.
Unfortunately Ro and his team didn’t carry off the trophy, but in true Irish style they were gracious in defeat, and at the end of the course, when us fans whooped and clapped, Ro turned and gave a hearty laugh, and then flashed his beautiful Irish smile.

To spend two hours of one’s time in the same room as this man at a concert is an honour, however to spend five hours treading the fairways with this man, and to see him at play is to see his humility as a human being, and his Irish humour and personality shine even brighter, it is an absolute honour and treat to have had such an experienc.

Wish I could relive it all over again, fingers crossed, here’s hoping, golf needs your charm Ro.

- Photos from this event are in the gallery.