I was one Lucky Girl on Thursday 3.5.12 at the X Factor Auditions. I got the amazing opportunity to give Ronan a Big Hug and present to him a gift.

From getting priority tickets to the show I managed to get close to the stage so determined to somehow reach him. On one of the breaks in-between the show Dave the audience entertainer was having some fun with the audience when I yelled out to him to forward my little parcel to Ronan. The guy was hilarious, he got on the floor proposing to Ronan to marry him lol. Ronan opened a little box wrapped in black ribbon to find a designer bracelet I got for him. Ronan was impressed and asked who gave him the gift to point out to myself. Ronan then waved his hand to come on over. He got down off the stage panel stood there waiting so I could give him a hug. I think my arms wrapped themselves a few times around his body - I was ecstatic. I am still trying to touch my feet on the ground how I managed to accomplish my dream to hug Ronan Keating! Next is to hopefully have a coffee with him! Love u Ronan!

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