As usual Ronan wowed us with his magnetic stage presence, his first song "Believe Again" was an extravaganza of light and sound and Didn't he look gorgeous in his suit and tie. He sang the oldies such as "Lovin each Day" "I love it when we do" "Friends in Time" and many more. His voice seems to really suit Burt Bacharach's music, "Walk on by" and "Arthur's Theme" WOW!! magnificent. A few Boyzone songs were thrown in as well ,"Separate cars" and a tribute to Steo Gately "One more song".

His new songs 'It's Alright" and "Will you ever be mine" are sure to be BIG hits. As Ronan was singing, clips of his new movie "Goddess" were playing, Ladies you are going to love this movie!!! He finished the night with "Pump it up" and "Life is a Rollercoaster". I've now seen this master of song 3 times and Mr Ronan Keating just keeps on getting better and better, I didn't want the concert to end. My husband, who went with me reluctantly, loved the show as well. Thanks Ro!

- Photos from this show are in the gallery.